Welcome to Financial Issues

Welcome to Financial Issues


Thank you for partnering with Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries.

You will now be receiving periodic investment/financial email alerts. (Please be sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] as contacts to your email list so that these group emails do not end up in your spam or junk mail folders.) As an added benefit, our most recent email alerts can also be found in the PARTNERS section of the website on the designated ALERTS page.

We do not, and cannot, offer one-on-one advice to each individual nor do we have other financial advisors on staff.  However, the primary benefit of your partnership is that you can sign into the website at any time and go to the PARTNERS section of the website. To do so you simply go to the website, and log in, entering your username and password.

After logging in to financialissues.org, you should go to the PARTNERS tab to access the majority of your partner benefits. As a new partner, you will want to initially view all of the Instructional Videos on their designated page and perhaps take some notes for future reference; then possibly read through and view the Investing 101 Series. You should check out the Asset Allocation Models for your age group, and browse through any other areas of interest under the PARTNERS section.

“Ask Shana” is a new way for ‘partners only’ to send their questions to Shana. Shana will then do her best to prioritize and answer these questions during an upcoming program. We will notify each partner of the specific date and time/segment when the question is answered and will attempt to include a link to the podcast for the partner’s easy listening/viewing.

Finally, you should go to the Commentary and Buy List pages where we will have a current buy list and, if applicable, sell list. We normally update the commentary on this page at least every Monday morning. (The Broad List is the section in which you can find our entire list of biblically-responsible stocks that we monitor, including those not currently on the buy or sell list. If you own any of these stocks and they are not currently on his buy list, this means they should be considered a “hold.”)

You may also wish to take advantage of our periodic conference calls for partners. Information on upcoming conference calls can always be found on a designated CONFERENCE CALL page in the PARTNERS section of the website.

If you have a PRIME PARTNERSHIP you will have access to a portfolio tracker which will link to the Asset Allocation Model of your choice. (There are videos on the Instructional Videos page which will address this tracker specifically.)

If you are on a hand-held device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android, you will need to navigate the website by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines usually to the right on our homepage. Please Also Note that you cannot access your PARTNER benefits from the FISM app. You must use your browser to go to the website and there log in and access the PARTNER pages.

I hope this helps. Enjoy your partnership and thank you for your support of the Ministry of Financial Issues.

Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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