The Impact Of Biblically Responsible Investing

   Robert’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of biblically responsible investing and financial stewardship. His journey highlights the importance of aligning investments with biblical principles, encouraging others to explore similar paths of Biblical financial management.

  • Gratitude and Impact: Robert expresses deep gratitude for the ministry’s guidance, which has significantly enhanced his retirement income.

  • Discovery of Biblically Responsible Investing: Through the ministry, Robert learned about biblically responsible investing and its alignment with his values as a Christian.

  • Financial Evaluation Tool: Robert highlights the importance of using the financial evaluation tool on the ministry’s website to assess investments based on biblical principles.

  • Personal Transformation: Similar to Robert, others have experienced a paradigm shift in their financial stewardship upon discovering the ministry’s teachings on ethical investing.

  • Call to Action: The ministry encourages listeners to explore the resources available on their website to align their investments with biblical values and enhance their financial stewardship.

Become a wiser steward of your investments

A Financial Issues Partnership provides rich online tools and resources to give you financial wisdom, strategies, and tools to effectively self-manage your investment portfolio using Biblically-responsible principles.


Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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