Republican Inactivity is Negatively Impacting the Markets

Republican Inactivity is Negatively Impacting the Markets

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Republican inactivity on health care is negatively impacting the markets, says financial expert Dan Celia.

“If they would do their jobs and pass health care and tax reform, the markets and our economy would reach extraordinary heights,” he says. “From Day One, Republicans coming into office said they would repeal and replace Obamacare. Obviously, they forgot that for the past seven years they had promised that very thing.

“Because a repeal-and-replace didn’t happen on Day One or Day 50 or Day 200, Republicans proved to the American voter once again the depth of their lack of leadership,” Celia continued. “Frankly, Congress—Republicans in particular—has shown us just how dysfunctional they really are. The bottom line here is that this dysfunction, lack of leadership, partisanship and lack of unity will not benefit America or our economy. As President Trump is working to drain the cesspool, the stench on Capitol Hill is growing stronger.”


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