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Prayer for America

Prayer for America

Pray for our courts starting today and every day until our Supreme Court completes all deliberations that have yet been put before them:


Our gracious heavenly Father, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob — the God, that calls the stars by name and numbers the sands of the shore. The God of all the Kings of the world.


 Let it be known Lord, that America lives because you are our gatekeeper a gatekeeper that never slumbers nor sleeps. Lord we know that your mercies endure forever and you do not forsake the works of your hands.  Lord America was built on your Word, in your Will and guided your Way.


We cry out to you, Lord, in the midst of troubles. We ask that you will stretch out your hand against the enemies of your righteousness. We ask that your mercies, oh Lord, be upon our Nation, the Nation that you have built.  Lord, we cry out that you would bless our Courts, that you would fill the Supreme Court justices with convictions in their hearts that they have never felt, fill them with a sense of God that they have never known, keep them with a sense of righteousness that they have never experienced, give them boldness and encouragement this day to stand for the Constitution of this great country — even as they know it will go against them from those that desire their own political ideology over our Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the documents that have declared our independence as one nation under God. We cry out, Lord, that your favor would be upon our courts. We pray, Lord, that you would let it be known that America lives; let it be known, Lord, that your glory is on high and you lift up the lowly but the proud you keep far away.

We pray that, by your hand, our Supreme Court will keep our country united in justice, standing on your righteousness and standing firm against the darkness of this world.  Lord, we pray today for your intervention.
 Blessed are you, oh Lord our God, sovereign of the universe. It is in your name we pray.
God Bless America and Our President

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