Media Driven Markets?

Media Driven Markets?

“President Trump has only one focus and concern, which is for the American worker, the American people, and maintaining America as the land of opportunity.” – Dan Celia

Dan Celia on the Media Driven Markets:

Philadelphia, PA—The media is working very hard to turn markets negative but, more importantly, is trying to impose this negativity onto consumers and business leaders – with the idea being that the more they can talk about, or put a negative spin on, a particular set of numbers (and spend hours a day talking about it), the more likelihood that there will be a large segment of the population that will begin to believe it.

Will it begin to impact the supporters of a strong America? Yes.

All of this has made it very difficult (not just for me but also for so many other analysts on Wall Street) to try to predict the next move in the markets. The market has nearly become driven by social media and main street media. All we can do is to continue to look at the fundamentals as well as the technicals of the various companies.  When we do this, there is no denying that the fundamentals of the economy are very strong. There is no denying that negativity is beginning to creep into business investments in corporate America. There’s even a possibility that we could see earnings in the first quarter of next year begin to drop a bit because of some trade tariffs starting to catch up with various companies. But, as we get closer and closer to resolving trade issues with China, things could go very positive very quickly.  Keep in mind that a trade deal with China is going to dramatically incentivize the rest of the world to begin to negotiate with the U.S.

As we look at the negativity around what is going on in the market, one thing becomes more apparent than ever. It is so obvious that President Trump has only one focus and concern, which is for the American worker, the American people, and maintaining America as the land of opportunity.  The border wall is a perfect example. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would love nothing more than to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to cross our border. They don’t care about our national debt. This is a party that was watching our national debt double in size over the eight years of the Obama administration. The social programs that America has for our citizens are to be commended, but are also a very expensive proposition to maintain. We must, therefore, think about Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security benefits, food stamp programs, children’s healthcare, and overloading an already dwindling workforce among our medical professionals. America’s social programs cannot afford to be given to people who are not American citizens.

President Trump understands that and he also understands the security threat to America.  It would appear that this is not too hard to understand but, unfortunately, for most of the media this is very hard to understand — primarily because they, too, don’t care about the unintended consequences of allowing hundreds of thousands of voters to enter into our country illegally. Their hatred for this president far outweighs any negative consequence for the American people.

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