How Can Small Business Owners Cope With Bidenomics

   As economic challenges persist for US restaurants and small businesses, attention turns to the impacts of government policies, inflation, and strategies for resilience. From declining restaurant visits to concerns over inflation, the discussion encompasses practical measures for businesses and political proposals aimed at economic recovery.

  • Economic impact on restaurants: Restaurants and bars in the US face challenges due to economic factors, with sit-down restaurant visits declining by nearly 5% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
  • Regional disparities: Middle America restaurants experience the brunt of economic difficulties, with reports indicating closures and businesses struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Government spending and inflation: Excessive government spending is identified as a significant contributor to inflation, impacting household incomes and increasing costs for businesses, particularly in areas like wage hikes for fast food workers.
  • Practical steps for business owners: Business owners are advised to exercise financial prudence, avoid excessive spending and debt, seek efficiencies in operations, and evaluate the impact of government interventions on their businesses.
  • Political implications and proposed solutions: Former President Trump criticizes current economic policies, vowing to replace “bidenomics” with “maganomics” if re-elected, focusing on measures to alleviate inflation and reduce the tax burden on families.

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