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Making the Most of Your Money

Invest without compromise. Give cheerfully.

Financial Issues ministry celebrates over 25 years of providing financial stewardship excellence through training, tools, guidance and media ministry. A Financial Issues Partnership gives you exclusive access to rich online resources for financial wisdom training, tools, and guidance to effectively self-manage your investment portfolio using Biblically-responsible principles. God provides for the ministry through partner subscriptions, listener donations, and the generous recurring donations of like-minded Christians.

The ministry has caught the attention of national media, and the hearts of our partners. Be sure to take a few minutes to read the testimonials of what our partners have to say. You’re invited to become a Financial Issues partner today.


Here’s what Financial Issues Partners have to say

Save the Lives of Babies by Offering Ultrasounds During Consultations With Moms in Unplanned Pregnancies


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Have you seen Financial Issues Live?

Please join us anytime 24/7 to watch the Financial Issues Live TV show for news analysis, financial commentary, and guidance on being a Biblically responsible investor. Call into the live call-in show between 9 – 10 am Eastern Time. Or, at your convenience throughout the day, watch the replay of the latest show. You can join in progress anytime or watch from the show’s start at the top of the hour. Click the button to watch the latest episode of Financial Issues Live.

Your Financial Stewardship Secret Weapon

Our Partners tell us over and over again how they love the Portfolio TrackerTM for monitoring their Asset Allocation Model. To benefit from these timesaving, partner-exclusive tools, consider becoming a Financial Issues Partner.



FISM News is a conservative news source that approaches each story from a Biblical worldview. We are committed to bringing you the facts you need to know, equipping you to make your own opinions. Just the news, grounded in truth.

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Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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