Partner Question: Understanding The Recent Buy List Changes

A partner shares his concern regarding all the sell alerts lately and asks Shana about potential new companies on the buy list.

Shana mentions that the market is very overvalued in general, and, whether the market is at highs or lows, there’s typically always going to be some pocket of opportunity that we can find for investors, and that’s what’s going to be represented on the buy list.

Either when the market is doing really well, and it’s just hard to find good entry points, the buy list will be smaller than usual.

On the flip side of that, too, when conditions are more challenging when the market’s taking a dive there, the buy list will probably be smaller at that time, until we get to the point where we have a lot of confidence, then you’ll start to see it grow.

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Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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