The Conviction Of Biblically Responsible Investing

As we start our show here, I want to share some wisdom from our founder, Dan Celia, on the conviction of biblically responsible investing. I want Dan’s voice to be able to be heard on this show consistently, especially now, as we look at the truth of Bri, founded in the gospel and giving it to a world that so desperately needs it, especially as we begin pride month. Here is our founder, Dan Celia, on the conviction of biblically responsible investing.
Of course, I care more about being biblically responsible than anything else, and I’ve said this before, it bears repeating that being biblically responsible and your desires there and why so many people, you hear your people call up, I feel so good. I have such great peace about what I do. Funds are doing good.
Everything’s doing great. My portfolio looks good. I’ve got some down.
I got some up. But the peace comes from not. It doesn’t come from returns.
They. Even if they think it does, even if they feel really good about the returns, that’s not where it comes from. It just comes from the peace of that God gives people, I think, for that commitment, not for, wow, boy, I’m real.
You know, God’s not overjoyed because you’re with one stock versus another. Maybe. I don’t know, maybe he is.
But there’s a conviction in your heart that you have when you do that. And the conviction is not any more complicated that then. You know what? I’m tired of this garbage in our country.
I’m tired of everywhere you go. You can’t avoid certain things. And I had no idea I was supporting Planned Parenthood.
I had no idea that the company that I’m investing in was involved in supporting or had another company that was involved in pornography and that I’m supporting that or gambling. You know, there’s three things right there that have destroyed the moral fiber of America, and more importantly, God’s family destroyed it. And there’s such a peace that comes from that and all of this.
What I’m teaching here is a conviction.

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