Selling Positions When Following A Long-Term Strategy

There have been more sales on the list lately than normal, and there’s good reason for that. More and more companies are falling off the wagon when it comes to Biblically Responsible Investing. So if you go back and you look at a lot of the sales that we have come out over the last two years, many of them are for reasons that the company is no longer Biblically Responsible.

And there are some sells that we have issued for fundamental reasons. So we’re sort of entering a new cycle in the market and the market’s really overvalued now. I think that it’s going to see a really hard fall from here for any reason other than something major happens in the economy. We’re starting to see the labor market loosen up. We’re starting to see inflation maybe start to rise back again. This is probably going to cause the Fed to delay rate cuts.I still think that they’re going to do it before the election because they’re going to probably succumb to political pressure.

To Ethan’s comments about buying high and selling low, you have to know going in, whenever you go into an investment strategy, you’re not going to win all the time. There are going to be companies that do things, things are going to change. Maybe things in their industry change. Maybe there are some company specific things that happen so we do have a long-term strategy with very low turnover in portfolios.

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