Foundations Of Biblical Stewardship

Biblical stewardship relates to managing portfolios by evaluating investments and ensuring they honor God. Evaluations consider business models, capital efficiency, earnings, and sales. The priority is screening out companies promoting agendas contrary to Christian values (e.g., abortion, LGBTQ). This practice is termed “defunding darkness.”

Stewardship also involves encouraging obedience, joyful, and generous giving, referred to as “funding the light.” The concept of patronage differs from stewardship; it focuses on where money is spent, not invested. As shareholders, investors are considered owners and must steward investments responsibly.

In patronage, once money is spent, stewardship responsibility shifts to the new owner. Making better choices in patronage, though challenging, is encouraged.

Organized boycotts (e.g., against Target) can be effective and convey strong messages. Corporate America often caves to activist demands due to fear tactics. Investors should stand firm in their investment choices and be accountable for their stewardship.

Become a wiser steward of your investments

A Financial Issues Partnership provides rich online tools and resources to give you financial wisdom, strategies, and tools to effectively self-manage your investment portfolio using Biblically-responsible principles.


Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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