Finding A Biblically Responsible Brokerage Firm

Are there biblically responsible brokerage houses that you all recommend or not? There are not. So, and this is a great question because it’s a good opportunity for me to explain the difference between patronage and investing. So patronage is whenever you pay a company for their good or service.

So in this case, you’re talking about using a brokerage firms services and, you know, them earning money off of your investing activities. It’s the same thing as going to Walmart. Walmart’s not biblically responsible, but we, you know, sometimes we don’t have any other options and we.

And we go there. So to me, where stewardship responsibility ends is when you exchange money for a good or service. So whenever you go to Walmart and you give them money and you get the some goods in exchange for that, your.

Your stewardship is now over the goods that you bought. You don’t own that money anymore. The company does.

So that they are responsible for the stewardship and what they do with that money. So we are more focused on being an owner of a company because whenever you buy shares in a company, you still have stewardship responsibility. The money is invested.

Let’s say that you invested in Walmart and let’s say that they’re doing, and they are doing, I don’t know exactly the screens that they violate right now, but I can go ahead and assume that some of them are the LGBTQ stuff. And so now you’re an owner of Walmart. You’re not getting to make the day to day decisions about what they do with money as a shareholder.

You’re hoping that they use the money to return value to you, that they either pay you a dividend or. Or they reinvest that money back into the company so that the company becomes more profitable and the share price goes up. Now, what you’re not hoping that they do is, you know, fund organizations that are promoting agendas that you don’t agree with as a Christian.

So you still have stewardship even though you’re not making this day to day decisions. But the one decision that you can make is whether you stay invested in that company or not. So there.

We don’t have any biblically, and it’s always great if you can spend your money with companies that, you know, are not promoting those kinds of agendas, but sometimes it’s. It’s just not possible. But then, you know, it’s reassuring to know that you don’t own that stewardship responsibility for what they’re doing with it, like you do when you’re investing.

So, you know, I would just choose a good platform, and I don’t think that there are any out there that don’t fail the screens. But it’s just like, you know, using a phone, you’ve either got a, you know, operating systems, you’ve either got to choose Apple or you’ve got to choose Android. Neither one are biblically responsible.

So just find a good platform that you like and then choose biblically responsible investments from there.

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