A Look At Joe Biden’s Economic Policies

Last week, CNN did a report, apparently President Biden falsely claimed in an interview that aired on CNN actually that inflation was 9% when he came into office, when it was actually at 1.4%. He said, quote, Shana, no president has had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% when I came to the office, 9%. Then he went on to claim he’s turned around the economy after the reporter pressed him about polls showing that voters trust Trump more than him to steward the nation’s economy.

At first thought maybe it’s just a blunder if he just said it once. He’s been known to not quite know where he even is sometimes, but to reiterate and to say it three times. And what shocked me the most was that CNN actually pressed him on it. So making attempts at being a legitimate news organization.

Well, Biden turned the economy around but he turned it around for moving in the right direction to moving in the wrong direction. Just since he’s taken office, gas prices have skyrocketed from two dollars thirty nine cents to three dollars sixty four cents. He’s taking victory lapse on getting them back down to $3.64 after he’s drained our strategic oil reserve and jeopardized our national security over it. But you know, it’s all about the economy, stupid, right? And we have an election this year.

Our national debt was at 21.6 trillion, which is still ridiculous. Now we’re approaching $35 trillion and that number is increasing at $1 trillion every three months. And we’ve got a problem because we’ve got money coming due, we’ve got treasuries coming due. Interest rates, by the way, when he took office were at point 25%. That was the fed funds rate. It is now. It now sits at 5.25%. That means that all of that debt that is coming due, that shorter term debt that we were only paying a quarter of a percent on now, we’re looking at paying, you know, anywhere from four and a half to over 5% to issue new debt. And that’s just to keep from paying off our debt that we don’t have the money to pay off the budget deficit.

How well does he do in managing the money that’s coming in? The budget deficits in previous administrations prior to Biden, and it extends back even further to beyond Trump. But I looked at a chart and there’s like a little squiggly line. You know, that’s just how it goes because, you know, revenues come in at different time for the government, but the budget deficits stayed under $400 billion per quarter, which is still absolutely ridiculous during previous administrations. But it’s only the budget deficit now. The deficit is the difference between what comes in and what goes out. And that number is negative right now.

So it’s only been under $400,000,000,000.03 out of nine quarters that Biden has been in office. So, he takes victory laps and talks about how we have this really strong economy, yet the government is spending money like we’re in a depression. His intent on forgiving student loans that by the way nobody asked for forgiveness. This is an idea that he threw out there, my opinion, to win, to win votes.

Isn’t it such a good reminder that for us to have our ear to the ground and know what the truth really is? Because we have elected officials who are actually trying to tell us boldface lies here. Like, there’s a big difference between 9% and 1.4%. And there’s a big difference between turning the economy around and the positive versus the negative. There’s a huge difference there. And we just have to know what this is here.

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