Grow Your Money God’s Way

Grow Your Money God’s Way


Do you know where your money is invested? At Financial Issues we can help you make good decisions with what God has blessed you. Our goal is to guide you so you can be responsible in your investment strategies and decisions, as we assist you to think biblically about your finances, that your investments would be honoring and pleasing to God and endeavor to be the best steward you can with God’s money.


  • Buy List – Dan’s complete list of stocks to buy and advice for when to sell.
  • Commentary Page – with frequent audio updates from Dan – helping you to stay on top of your portfolio.
  • Asset Allocation Models – Dan’s tailored portfolio recommendations based on age, growth vs. income, and overall diversification.
  • List of over 100 of Dan’s Selected Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and ETFs.
  • Monthly Conference Calls– with Dan’s most pressing suggestions and updates for his partners.
  • Email Alerts – for partners only – with portfolio updates and other news.
  • Partners only Investing 101 Videos, and Instructional Videos including techniques for taking profits and questions to ask your advisor.
  • Audio Library – Dan’s archived radio programs.

The Standard Partnership is $85.00, just a little more than .23 cents a day, enabling you to take control of your finances and teaching you to be a responsible steward with God’s money.


  • Access to our Prime Portfolio TrackerTM.
  • Access to our Asset Allocation Tracker.

The Prime Partnership is $124, just a little less than .34 cents a day for this significant upgrade.
To learn more about being a Prime Partner watch this video, and gain insight into the benefits of our FISM Portfolio & Asset Allocation Trackers.

“Dan, your ministry has helped our family so much. You’ve also encouraged us to double our tithes just because of your heart for God and how generous you have been to all of us by giving us this information for such a bargain. That also encouraged us to donate $20/month because YOU give so much also. God bless you and your ministry!”

– Shirl

“Hi Dan, Thank you for answering my question yesterday about how to build my portfolio using the asset allocation model. Afterward, I watched your video on the Asset Allocation Tracker that is available through an upgraded partnership. That tool is AWESOME! and is exactly what I needed and well worth the $38 upgrade to my partnership! Thank you for ALL that you do in and for the Lord. Have a wonderful weekend!”

– Sheila

“Dan, I can’t thank you enough but I know God will, I thank god for your existence every day. Thank you so much for making it so affordable to join and become a partner. $125 is nothing for what you teach us. Everybody, not a partner yet, once you learn everything Dan teaches You will feel bad your only paying $125 or $85, But of course there are other ways to give to make up for it which I do!”

– Lee


Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia hosts a daily three-hour show on over 650 radio stations and 87 television outlets. On the program, Dan discusses global and economic headlines and answers hundreds of finance-related questions submitted by faithful viewers and listeners all around the world. Combining his financial expertise, love of audience interaction, and candid commentary, Dan has built a dynamic and informative audience-centered show, educating people with wise counsel.


By becoming a member, not only will you receive a great deal of benefits as you endeavor to be the best steward you can with God’s money, but this will also go toward the support of our ministry, keeping us on the radio and TV, allowing us to continue to help you with godly and sound wisdom.

Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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