FISM News announces new feature documentary, ‘A Moment in History: Redemptive History’

PHILADELPHIA — Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, financialissues.organd FISM News, a conservative news program that approaches national and global issues from a biblical worldview, present “A Moment in History: Redemptive History,” a feature documentary exploring the story behind all stories of history— the story of God redeeming His people.

This documentary explores the scope of human history for what it is— one big, amazing story of a God who created His people. Even when those He created rebelled against God and became His enemies, He still loved them. God, the hero of the story, created a path for sinful man to be saved, through the ultimate act of redemption: living among them, becoming one of them, and giving His life so that they might be free. This is the beautiful picture of what theologians often call ‘Redemptive History.’ It is the story, from the beginning of time until the final culmination of all things, when Jesus Christ returns and believers are united with Him forever, behind all stories of history.

A Moment in History: Redemptive History” encourages believers to look forward to their eternal hope in Jesus Christ, while also imploring non-believers to turn to Jesus Christ as their only hope for salvation. The documentary premiers on FISM TV on Good Friday, April 15, at 7:00 pm EST.

Viewers can watch the program live on the FISM website, app, or ROKU channel at 7 pm on Good Friday, April 15. Viewers can also watch the program on one of FISM’s partner channels— CTNTV, BIZ TV, and Dove TV through a satellite network.

Read more about FISM and “Financial Issues” here or visit the FISM website, its Facebook page, on YouTube at Financial Issues or on Twitter @financialissues; download the FISM app and learn more about FISM.TV here.



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