Dan Celia: Will Republican Senators Act to Protect the Republic?

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia discusses the Georgia election happening on Tuesday.

“Happy new year to everybody. I trust everyone had a nice long weekend and a chance to relax as we head into 2021.

“Do we have some concerns? Absolutely. The vast majority of concerns are going to be in and around the results of the Georgia election on Tuesday. The Georgia election: incredibly important because one would hope that it will act as a firewall in the Senate. But then again, the way Republican senators have been acting, there’s no reason to believe that some of them certainly will not be caucusing with Democrats. I did believe that the Georgia election was definitely going to be the firewall that was going to protect the nation and maintain our Republic, but I’m starting to have some doubts.

“As for economic data this week, I really don’t care about the numbers like factory orders, deficit numbers, wholesale inventories and consumer credit. That is some of the data that has come out for November. Let’s just discount it based on the volatility. Let’s look at the ISM Manufacturing Index, which is coming out on Tuesday, as a much better gauge of where we might have been for the year 2020. It looks like it was a pretty good year. The ADP employment number is coming out on Wednesday for December. The ISM service sector numbers are coming out also. That is very important, and we’ll see if that’s up for the month of December. I doubt it. Of course, on Friday the all-important non-farm payroll numbers are coming out. Unemployment rates are sitting at 6.7 percent. We’ll see if that goes up or down. Average Hourly Earnings is coming out and consumer credit—lots of economic data as we hit the new year, 2021.”

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