Dan Celia: Tithing is an Act of Worship

PHILADELPHIA—Founder of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries and biblical investing authority Dan Celia discusses the importance of stewardship.

“Money certainly should not be considered a supreme necessity when it comes to ministry, but it is usually an important necessity. In every ministry and church, programs expand and contract with the income. Money means the ability to provide Christian services and ministry—to preach the gospel, provide religious education, and spread the good news of Christ.

“Money can certainly be a beautiful thing when it comes to expanding the Kingdom of Christ. We ought to value and spend it for what it will do in the lives of others. My children, from the day they earned their first babysitting dollar, understood the importance of tithing. At the prodding of their mother and me, they would always set aside 10 percent of everything they earned. Now that they are grown, I know tithing is a part of their worship—it is habit as adults. I no longer have to ask them if they are tithing their earnings. It is second nature. They understand that through their giving, they get to preach the gospel and expand the Kingdom of Christ. Money can be a beautiful thing in the hands of faithful and well-equipped Christians.”

Dan Celia discusses these and other reflections in his book “All For the Master.” He is also the nationally syndicated host of the daily, three-hour Financial Issues program, heard on more than 660 radio stations and several television networks nationwide, including FISM.TV, viewed on several post-cable television platforms and online.

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