Dan Celia: FAANG Companies Continue to Grow Under the US Government

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia discusses big tech companies’ censorship of conservative values.

“Markets on Tuesday finished mixed, but all in all, not a lot of volatility or a lot of movement. They all started out in negative territory, but by the end of the day, markets started to rally. It was a pretty low volume day. I’m tempted—but I won’t do it—to say that the big news is that Mitch McConnell believes Trump committed impeachable offenses. That’s according to New York Times reports. Great job, Mitch. Way to stick by the president.

“Markets are searching for some positive momentum, and it looks like big tech firms aren’t going to be doing much in the near future except becoming more and more of an arm of the US government and the state-run media, all for the sake of their ideology. Yet people continue to invest in these companies. Yes, even conservatives are investing in many of the FAANG companies that are looking to shut down conservative speech. The companies are not likely to be getting any more interference from the government since the White House and big tech firms are now so likeminded. This is an incredibly dangerous scenario, and it’s going to make keeping our republic harder than ever.”

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