Dan Celia: China Trade Deal, Eurozone and Strong Underlying Fundamentals Should Be Economic Focuses

Dan Celia: China Trade Deal, Eurozone and Strong Underlying Fundamentals Should Be Economic Focuses

PHILADELPHIA— Bloomberg reported yesterday that as the latest earnings reports come in economists are optimistic about the U.S. gross domestic product, especially after Wednesday’s report that showed the trade deficit surprisingly narrowed in February, which points to steady growth in the economy.

Nationally syndicated host and biblical stewardship authority Dan Celia says there should be no concerns of a U.S. recession this year.

“My focus continues to be on the U.S.-China trade deal, along with Japan, now that they are in the mix,” Celia said. “My hope was, and still is, that the U.S. will move beyond these trades quickly to focus on the Eurozone, as that is critically important to our economy and critical to driving our markets further into positive territory. It now looks as though I am no longer alone in my thoughts about the likelihood of no recession this year. Goldman Sachs and many others are saying that the likelihood of recession in the short term in the U.S. is very unlikely. Particularly, as it looks like the Federal Reserve will stand pat, at least through late 2020.”

“That’s good news,” Celia added. “All indications are—worst case scenario, according to one Federal Reserve official—that we will be looking at 2% GDP growth for 2019. “Well, that’s nothing new. If nothing else, we are very used to a 2% GDP growth since we had nine years of it. But that’s hardly near recession territory. Nevertheless, we do want to be concerned and vigilant about our economy and the underlying fundamentals getting stronger as we move forward.”

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