Dan Celia: Biden will Let China Steal Our Ingenuity

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia discusses Biden’s approach to competition with China.

“We’re coming off one of the best weeks in a very long time. And it looks like the markets are picking that back up as we head into a new week. President Biden said he thinks there’s going to be extreme competition from China. Do you think? But he says he will not take a Trump approach. Of course not. So, let’s let China continue to steal intellectual property, steal our ingenuity and continue to compete against us with our own products.

Janet Yellen says the U.S. could return to full employment by next year if Congress passes the $1.9 trillion stimulus. Has Yellen even looked at what the stimulus is being spent on? And can she tell us exactly how over a trillion dollars being misspent is going to stimulate full employment? She’s left that one little piece out of her equation.

By the way, we do get some economic data this week. The most important is going to be the National Federation of Independent Businesses number that gives us a gauge of small businesses. It will be a very, very important piece of data. As we head into a new month, we’ll see what’s happening to small business sentiment. It’s going to tell us a lot about how we can move forward.

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