Dan Celia: Americans Excel at Changing Their Buying Habits on a Dime

Dan Celia: Americans Excel at Changing Their Buying Habits on a Dime

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia believes the American consumer is smart and will handle the ongoing tariff battle with prudence. In fact, even with the steady economic expansion this year, American consumers have been conservative and very controlled in their spending, The Hill reports.

“Tariffs continue to be at front and center,” Celia said. “Many believe that tariffs are a good idea. Some believe it’s not such a good idea. We know this much: shipping containers are piling up in both ports—in the California ports and in the China ports. I mentioned earlier this week during my interview with a radio network in California that everybody seems to lose sight of a couple of pivotal things, and one of those is the consumer here in the United States. We are incredibly flexible. We have a  long-standing track record of being able to change our buying habits on a dime during inflationary times, recessions, depressions and major disruptions in supply chains. We will change our buying habits. China understands that, and their biggest concern is losing market share. There is no way possible that if these tariffs stay in place, China will pass along the entire 25% tariff onto the consumers.

“The left is talking about that,” Celia added. “It’s not going to happen. China cannot afford to lose market share, and they will do just that as people change their buying habits. This will be good for American suppliers and American companies. Another thing we have seen is the incredible resilience of this market. It bounced back a bit yesterday after a drop. Who knows where we’ll be the rest of the week, but nonetheless, we have very resilient markets. Why? Because the economy is strong and the underlying fundamentals keep getting better. The NFIB small business sentiment actually went up far more than anyone expected for the month of April. That is very good news. Of course, the number we’re waiting for is the main number to see how that has held up.”

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