A dismal sign for the future of the markets

We no longer hear much about the breadth of the market. Breadth is just a look at stocks in general – whether negative or positive. Negative breadth means more stocks are down than up. In the last two weeks, breadth has been negative – even amid an increase in stocks. Most of the DOW components during the recent increases have been negative. The S&P is now turning the same way.

This is not a good sign for the future of the markets . . . and it is one more reason to stay on the sidelines. I know many of you still have significant positions in cash. Just to make life easy, do not even consider moving it until the end of the year. Sit tight. No need to call and ask me what to do with the money. Let’s wait until January for that phone call and see how things may have changed. People are scrambling to create a cash position as the market has been coming down.

If you have already created your significant cash position, you are in a good place. Stay there.


Changing your plan may require you to select new sectors for certain stocks

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