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The Time for Trump to Make Cuts Is Now

When President Donald Trump signed a major budget deal into law last week, it may have been a temporary fix for a government shutdown, but the spending continues. In fact, Trump claimed Republicans were “forced to increase spending” in order to attract Democratic votes, CNNreported. But President Trump should start talking about . . .

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The Freight Train of the Economy Could Be Derailed

Many market observers are talking about how higher interest rates and the prospect of increased inflation could threaten a sustainable and growing economy. People are also talking about the Federal Reserve and whether they will raise or lower rates, and how that could affect the economy. Yes, it sounds a little bit like 2010—with too [...]

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Interest Rate Increases Aren’t Worth Anxiety

Nationally Syndicated Host Dan Celia: People Are Spoiled by Historically Low Rates, But Keeping Them Stagnant Could Lead to Hyperinflation PHILADELPHIA—The markets took a few tumbles last week, and financial analysts pointed to several factors. Among them was chatter that interest rates were on their way up. With the market now in correction territory, nationally syndicated host [...]

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Don’t Stress Over the Markets, Focus on the Economy

Nationally Syndicated Host Dan Celia Says Strong Jobs Report, Wage Growth and Bump in Paychecks Should Reduce Stress Over Fluctuations PHILADELPHIA—With this week’s wild market fluctuations, including a pair of 1,000-plus-point drops in the Dow Jones average, nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia spent a lot of time keeping investors focused on their plan—and reminding them [...]

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Market Correction and Sell Notices

. . . one thing is for certain, anything is possible in this market and in this political atmosphere where ideology seems to rule the day. We have finally seen the markets go down into correction territory - which is anything 10% below the last high. My concern, of course, is watching for the next [...]

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Can’t Bear the Stress of the Stock Market?

With this week’s wild market fluctuations, including a pair of 1,000-plus-point drops in the Dow Jones average and officially in correction territory at Thursday’s close, I spent a lot of time trying to keep investors focused on their plan and reminding them why they’re investing. Consider that the vast majority of stocks, bonds and other [...]

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Encouragement & Good News

During the last conference call I indicated that I thought it was important for everyone to begin to sell any profits they had which were over 9%. Right now that looks like an incredibly good call and I sure hope that many of you will continue with that process. Please remember that I said this [...]

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A New Track of Leadership and Functioning Government

As I have said many times before, and particularly over the past four weeks, we can't allow the markets to be our barometer of the success of this president or the growing success of the U.S. economy. Certainly, we will likely look at the markets to give us a sense of how we might perceive [...]

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Living in an Economic ‘Twilight Zone’

In a White House press briefing last week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made numerous comments about the economy and where things are going. One reporter asked about the national debt. Mnuchin answered by referring to the incredible growth the country is experiencing, which he said is likely to continue. Mnuchin also mentioned the positive impact [...]

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Addendum to 1/15/2018 Conference Call

As soon as I hung up from today’s Conference Call, I did get a question from a friend who was on the call. I did forget to talk about mutual funds and how they are handled a little bit differently. For any mutual funds or investments into which you are dollar cost averaging on a [...]

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Changing the plan will require you to set up the sectors again