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A Janet Yellen-Induced Crash?

By |2017-08-17T17:12:16-04:00July 20th, 2017|News Updates|

Many economic analysts are talking about an inevitable crash. They have even posed the question: “Does anybody believe that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen can pull off the miracle of draining trillions of dollars from the financial system without causing a major meltdown in the markets—possibly even a recession?”

We Need Presidential Intervention

By |2017-08-17T17:12:17-04:00July 20th, 2017|News Updates|

Once again, this week in Poland we see a President that shows us why he got elected. Once again, we see a President that was not going on an apology tour, but making the most of the opportunity to speak about the strength and exceptionalism of America and Poland, and the power of a united [...]

Is a Recession on the Horizon?

By |2017-08-17T17:12:21-04:00July 5th, 2017|Press Releases|

After what many have called the “Trump Bump,” is the economy now heading toward a downturn? Financial expert and nationally syndicated television radio host Dan Celia says a “correction” is probably more realistic, and any correction that does occur will be inflicted by the government. Economically inept men and women are currently in power in [...]

Give Health Care Back to the States

By |2017-08-17T17:12:23-04:00July 4th, 2017|Press Releases|

The Senate has pushed pause on the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” delaying a possible vote until after the Fourth of July break. But financial expert and nationally syndicated television radio host Dan Celia says lawmakers missed their chance to take action for their constituents and possibly impact the economy. “As with any legislation, no one [...]

Senate Finally Moves on Healthcare Reform

By |2017-08-17T17:12:26-04:00June 27th, 2017|Press Releases|

Financial Expert Dan Celia Analyzes the Financial Considerations of the Senate’s New ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’   PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Last week, the U.S. Senate and the rest of the nation were finally able to see the long-awaited, written-in-secret, health care “repeal-and-replace” bill, called the “Better Care Reconciliation Act.” Financial expert and nationally syndicated television radio host Dan [...]

Millennials Becoming Better Savers Than Baby Boomers

By |2017-08-17T17:12:29-04:00June 22nd, 2017|Press Releases|

Financial Expert Dan Celia: The Economy Has Forced Young Americans to Become More Responsible With Saving and Spending  PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—A new survey has found that the millennial generation is becoming better at saving than their baby boomer counterparts. According to the Money section of Time.com, a study from Bankrate.com found that 50 percent of individuals aged 18-36 [...]

The Dwindling Impact of the Federal Reserve

By |2017-08-17T17:12:32-04:00June 16th, 2017|News Updates|

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made some interesting comments Wednesday when she announced the raising of interest rates another 25 basis points. The new target range is 1 percent to 1.25 percent, and the current rate is 0.91 percent. Yellen stated that the Federal Reserve would begin its exit from the $4.5 trillion in bonds [...]

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