2023 Veterans Day Special

This November we want to honor our veterans with a special video tribute that will be played during Financial Issues. If you, your spouse, or your son/daughter are a U.S. veteran, we would love to highlight you/them on the show.

If you are willing to participate, would you please send a picture of the veteran (preferably in military dress) to [email protected]. With the picture, please include the veteran’s name, and when/where they served.  

If you are able/willing to also send us a video, we plan to include some personal testimonies on our Veterans Day episode. Video files can also be emailed to [email protected]


Video Instructions and Questions

The video should be simple, you can use your phone to record the video.  Please make sure that your environment is well-lit and quiet.  Make sure your camera is steady and framed correctly. See further framing instructions below.

Below are the questions we would like you to answer in your video.

 (Please answer as many as you’d like):

  1. State your name.  Your response should be “My name is…”
  2. Can you share some details about your military service, such as when and where you served, and in what capacity or branch?
  3. What motivated you to join the military, and how did your family and friends react to your decision?
  4. Could you describe a memorable experience or moment during your service that had a significant impact on you?
  5. How did your military service influence your sense of duty and patriotism toward the United States?
  6. How has your experience as a veteran influenced your view of freedom, democracy, and the principles upon which the United States was founded?
  7. Did you find Christ before, during or after your military service?
  8. How has being a veteran drawn you closer to Christ?
  9. As a veteran, what message or advice would you like to convey to future generations of Americans about the importance of service and patriotism?


Frame yourself like Sarah!

Above: CORRECT CAMERA FRAMING for your interview
In the correct frame Sarah has positioned herself in the middle of the camera. Her head is at the top
of the screen, but its not too high to where her head is outside of the frame.

Above: INCORRECT CAMERA FRAMING for your interview
In the first picture to the left Sarah is not in the middle of the frame. In the pic to the right Sarah is too
close to the camera and her head is out of frame.

The guidelines below will give you perfect framing during every call. See how the top of Sarahs head
is touching the top line? Also notice how Sarah face is in the middle third of the guidelines? Make
sure that you visualize these guidelines and position yourself correctly.


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